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Post-Divorce Support

Once the divorce is granted, it may not always be the end of the issues. That is especially true when minor children are involved. Life goes on and certain aspects directly pertaining to the divorce may change, they include the gain or loss of a job, entering into a marriage with a different spouse, or a serious injury, such as one requiring long-term care befalling the minor. These circumstances oftentimes require modification to the existing divorce agreement, parenting plan or child support order and are best handled by a post-divorce support attorney.

The post judgement action takes into account the change in circumstances and may require modification of the parenting plan as the child matures or a modification of child support as expenses increase. The court may either uphold the original agreement or render a new judgement as a result of a post-decree action.

A parenting plan where a minor child is involved includes additional clauses and responsibilities to both former spouses that must be followed. They include visitation schedules, child support, and child custody. If one of the parents does not keep up their end of the deal, the other has legal recourse in the form of an enforcement action called contempt. They can return to court and file the petition for contempt against the other parent for not following the Courts' orders. If the child's visitation schedule needs to be adjusted, the parent may file a modification of parenting plan so as to change the parenting plan to better suit the child's needs. If the child's financial needs change or unanticipated costs arise, the party may file a modification of the child support so as to increase or decrease his legal obligation.

Having an attorney who specializes in post-divorce proceedings will guarantee that they are done right. That the proper paperwork is filled out correctly and that the reason for the modification is, in fact, justified. What may seem like a viable reason for a judgement modification to one of the parties in a divorce, may not be enough to convince a judge. A post-divorce attorney's job is to translate it into an argument that will convince the judge to modify the existing divorce agreement to allow for this new change in circumstances.

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