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Going through a divorce is difficult for both parties, but fathers may feel that they are not being treated fairly, particularly in divorces that involved a minor child. Until a few years ago, mothers were favored as primary caregivers and would receive custody leaving the father with child support payments. Father's rights did not seem as important, and the mother's, nowadays a father's rights are more widely acknowledged. Having a father be an active part of a child's life has been proven to be beneficial to the offspring's development. It is important for the father to retain an attorney who is familiar with the disparity between the treatment of mothers and fathers in court. Up until recently, basically, the only way a father received custody of their child is if it was proven that the mother could not be trusted to provide for the child. If she was a drug addict, a felon, or some other extreme scenario.

Under common law, if the couple is married and there is no reason to believe otherwise, the husband is assumed to be the biological parent of the child. When the paternity of a child is in question, it is best to hire a paternity attorney as the very first step.

If the parents are not married, the only way to obtain parental rights is to establish paternity by petitioning the Court for relief. A genetic paternity test using a saliva swab is the final determinant of paternity. More and more unmarried partners are having children and need to establish some sort of legal recognition to their biological connection to the child. The court considers the best interest of the child to be the standard in family law actions involving a parental relationship. It is in a child's best interest to have a relationship with his mother and his father. Because the court will not allow a parent-child relationship to begin without first establishing this legal recognition, it is imperative for a potential father to start a legal action as soon as possible so he may start bonding with the child.

A paternity attorney at Ann Farnsworth Law Office is available to assist in establishing paternity as well as establishing a parenting plan under which the parental bond can establish and grow.

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