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High Asset Divorce

Divorce is difficult within itself, but when a significant amount of money and assets are involved, that complicates the process even more. In fact, some of the most difficult divorces are high asset divorces. A wrong move by one of the spouses can result in a very expensive loss that is even harder or may be even impossible to fix after the fact. For this reason, an experienced high asset divorce attorney should be retained by both parties.

High-asset divorces are always contested due to the large amount of gains and losses that are involved. Spousal support is almost always a factor that must be settled in this type of a divorce. In addition to regular items that are split up in any divorce, these complex divorces often include stock, bonds and other securities, they include pensions, annuities and retirement accounts. Any money-making venture that the married couple had, such as a business, must be valued by experts in the field such as forensic accountants and that dollar amount will have to be divided between the parties. Or, if the company continues to operate, paperwork on its debts and revenues may need to be drawn up.

Each divorce is unique, with high asset ones having the most variance. A complex divorce attorney can help the parties divide up real estate portfolios that may include vacation homes, timeshares, rental properties and various multi-property estates. Splitting up of debt is often a point of much disagreement and may even be more difficult to resolve than the division of assets. The outcomes reached in a divorce proceeding often have lifetimeimplications, and that is why it is critical to have a reliable and a qualified attorney handle the case.

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