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Domestic Violence

Home is where people are supposed to feel safe and secure. Returning to a domicile, whether it is a house, an apartment or anything else, the dangers and vulnerabilities of being exposed to the outside world should be left on the other side of the doorway. But when the homestead is where the real danger is, actions can and should be taken to stop it. In America, including the state of Washington, domestic violence is illegal. Therefore, the spouse or another family member who is being abused has a legal right to put an end to it.

There are several actions which may be taken to stop the abuse, primarily based on what the plaintiff can prove. Some solutions may be to initially arrest the abuser if they can be caught in the act, and file for a Protection Order. A domestic violence attorney can provide assistance in implementing such solutions while having the know- how of how to protect the victimized spouse during the whole process. Ann Farnsworth not only has the legal expertise to resolve these types of situations but also the compassion and understanding that the abused family member most likely, desperately needs during such a trying and dangerous time.

Domestic abuse affects everyone, those directly involved as well as the observers. If there is violence between a husband and wife, it's referred to as marital abuse. When children, siblings and other members of the household are involved, they fall under the term of domestic abuse. A divorce which physically separates the abuser from the abused may be the best solution. However, having a restraining order in place does complicate the separation process. It prohibits the parties from contacting each other directly. In such cases, it is important to hire a lawyer who can accurately express their clients' intentions when they are not able to do so. Domestic abuse is very detrimental to children. Ann Farnsworth Law Office has the experience to balance the parent's rights with protecting children so that the impact on the child is minimized, allowing the child to express their love for each parent without becoming involved in the anger and violence.

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