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Divorce is an emotional time for everyone involved. Raw emotions, stemming from a history of partnership oftentimes complicate matters even further. A good divorce lawyer, one that works with the client in addressing their concerns and specific circumstances, can make the process more manageable. When a couple has minimal property to divide, no joint obligations and no minors that legally require a custodian, a divorce becomes simpler. However, what appear to be minor things can still be overlooked and end up harming one of the parties, and fixing even the slightest of mishaps can turn into a complicated endeavor. For this reason, it is prudent to hire an attorney in any type of divorce.

An uncontested divorce is one where when both parties mutually agree to the terms and stipulations in the separation paperwork. These are the fastest types of divorces and can be completed in just over three months. The state of Washington has a 90-day 'cooling off' period for any divorce. Being uncontested, it's also known as a simple divorce, both spouses use the 90-day period to finalize any pending issues and reach a settlement agreement without ever having to go to court. The office of Ann Farnsworth in Spokane, WA has handled numerous cases from fastest divorce to more complicated, lengthy separations that had to be finalized in a courtroom.

To maintain a divorce as uncontested, and therefore, significantly reduce the time and cost involved, the couples have to agree on the following items. Division of real and personal property, alimony, division of assets and debts and any other issues relating to the marriage. If children are involved, custody and visitation schedule, as well as all financial matters. Child support, medical and dental insurance payments must be agreed upon to retain the status of an uncontested divorce.

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